Expanding Awareness & Intuition!

Simple, Powerful & Easy-to-follow Training to Develop Your Intuition



Enjoy our growing courses to assist in helping you align with the Source of your power from moment to moment while expanding your awareness into your intuitive abilities!


Join our growing team of certified practitioners & trainers to help yourself and others expand their awareness & intuition while creating abundance on every level - including financially!


Attend our live events to get personal training from our founders, practitioners and fellow journeyers to amplify growth in your practice.

Learning to access your abilities

Our online courses, certifications and live events help you reveal strings of conscious moments where you are:

  • A gateway to healing- you equally receive and give healing that is being offered when there is a connection with spirit and healing words are being communicated.
  • An instrument for truth- receiving insights, information and understandings of the Universe
  • A bridge for love

We “know” that

The world needs you to align with Source and access your abilities as YOU. There is not another person out there who will. This can only allow you to become more masterful at making conscious decisions and moments with clarity and little doubt.

And that... doesn’t stop with you. Your conscious moments, actions and choices create a ripple that could bring healing and positive change to all those that are close to you and to all of humanity.

The world needs us to start collectively becoming Masters of our Moments and our trianing helps!

Benefits of

Masters Moment Makers Courses

Increase Trust

Learn to trust and follow your intuition and messages with confidence through simple, powerful & fun practices

Channel Through Alignment

Use spiritual technology & methedologies that help you and others receive the best and highest guidance & energy that comes from the Source.


Deeper realization of what it feels like to be in alignment with Source, with your knowing and with your purpose - accessing higher levels of consciousness



Connection with like-minded, like-hearted people who can support and encourage you through your journey.


Become clearer on your true intentions, your life purposes, actions and potential and how best to fulfill them.


Receive practical and spiritual guidance that comes through your own knowing from the highest Source. Assist others in doing the same.

But wait, there's more.

Additional Benefits!


Webinar Training

Our courses and certifications include webinars/trainings on spiritual & intuitive development, new techniques/exercises, Q&A and much more. This is where you can gain new insights and get answers to your questions online live.


Channeled Messages

Receive channeled messages from our founders that range from specific and practical to universal principles that will assist you in aligning with Source and expand your awareness on how to clarify what you desire to create and how to create it in your life.


Event Discounts

Our live events are life changing and whether you've taken an online course or attended a past event, you'll get access to early registration on all live events and sessions at a discounted price.


Private Groups Access

FB Lives are held in our Triple M Lounge (Master Moment Makers) so you can get real time guidance from MMM founders, Arlene and John, as they personally track your successes, progress, questions and experiences.


Meditation Room & Library

If you complete any of our certification trainings or enroll as a member, you gain access to our growing number of articles and audio / video recordings of different guided meditations and courses for you to enjoy and bring into your practice.


Financial Opportunity

Certification - Level 1 equips you with the skills to earn revenue assisting others as a EAI Certified Practitioner. Certification - Level 2 shows you how to host & train paying groups of certification candidates as a Licensed EAI Trainer.