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Wielding Empathic Abilities

Wielding Empathic Abilities This valuable course takes an in depth focus on developing one’s empathic abilities. While the Opening Your Intuitive Abilities Course does focus on Clairsentience- one aspect of being an empath, this course dives deeper into massaging your abilities and most importantly have control over the empathic part of you. This course is …

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The Alignment Meditation

The Alignment Meditation The Alignment meditation is designed to assist you with aligning with Source from moment to moment. It expands your awareness and allows source energy to remove blocks.

The Abundance Vibration Course

The Abundance Vibration Course This is a weekly course that last for 4 weeks where you’ll receive practical guidance on how to manifest your heart’s desires. Wherever there is a desire for more, there is a solution. It is not about just visualizing. It is about clarity, it is about vibration, and it is about …

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Navigating The Program

Navigating The Program Your first Master Moment Makers course will help you get the most out of this program and it’s many offerings, as well as help you get the most out of your journey into greater awareness of your power.

Symbols and Images – the Art of Interpretation

Symbols and Images – the Art of Interpretation In this course, you’ll learn why symbols are a huge part of receiving messages, get started on interpretation and discover the eight rules of thumb that help you make the most of the answers you receive.

Open Your Intuitive Abilities Course

Open Your Intuitive Abilities Course This audio recorded series is designed to help you get started or further develop your own natural intuitive abilities. Contains tools, guidance and meditations to add to your own personal kit for accessing information or Energy from a Higher Source, Your Guides or Higher Self.